Sunday, April 3, 2011

About Little Life Changes

Hi, there! Welcome to Little Life Changes. We (Amie and Megan) are two longtime friends, separated by thousands of miles, who decided we needed to do a better job at keeping in touch. We also wanted to help each other with our growing lists of resolutions and promises to be better human beings.

Each month, we’ll both post several of our own variations on a theme--be it detoxing, balancing work with family and friendships, or finally getting into an exercise routine. We will be sharing the end result of our little changes and, more importantly, the journey of our mini evolutions. And, throughout all of it, our intent is to remain positive and respectful of our creativity, our planet, and ourselves.

This writing adventure is sure to be filled with teachable moments, thoughtful reflections, and cross-country laughs. Thank you for finding us in our little corner of the online world. We’re looking forward to having you along for the ride with us!

photo by nikaa

Saturday, January 1, 2011

About Megan

Megan is a writer and editor—by trade and by nature—with a passion for pretty. After losing her corporate job at the end of 2010 and having to start completely over in January of this year, Megan sees 2011 as one giant gift: The chance to redesign her life plans, reconnect with friends and family, and remember what’s really important. She’s looking forward to cataloging her progress and inspiration here. Currently based in sunny Sarasota, Florida, Megan also writes daily at her personal style blog, pink o'clock, and you can follow her on Twitter @pinkoclock.

About Amie

An over-achieving beach-bum at heart, Amie is still figuring out what she wants to do when she grows up. In the mean time, she can be found reading, writing, and attempting to manage her self-diagnosed Hobby A.D.D. (More about that can be seen here!)

After moving from the East Coast to Michigan in 2009, Amie decided to focus her two year stay in the Midwest on the transition from surviving to thriving. While 2010 was dedicated to getting healthy, getting a job, and learning how to be married, 2011 is dedicated to developing a holistic life plan that isn't impossible to maintain.

You can follow Amie's Little Life Changes through her writing/photos and feel free to follow her on Twitter @AmieMonte.